Jones Act, Maritime, Seaman & Clay

Jones Act, Maritime, Seaman & Clay:  A case in the United States District Court, E.D. Louisiana ruled on a motion to remand.

The Jones Act, Maritime, Seaman & Clay case is about a seaman that was injured on a semi-submersible drilling vessel and later filed a claim under the Jones Act.

A brief summary of the Jones Act, Maritime, Seaman & Clay case includes:

  1. Admiralty case arises out an injury allegedly sustained by the Plaintiff Bobby Clay while working aboard the vessel ENSCO 8506, a semisubmersible drilling vessel.
  2. Plaintiff filed suit under the Jones Act and General Maritime Law of the United States against ENSCO Offshore Plaintiff alleges that he was injured when a drill tool broke and struck him in the neck (neck injury) and seeks maintenance and cure.
Plaintiff and ENSCO have now stipulated that Plaintiff enjoys seaman status under the Jones Act.
  4. Plaintiff ultimately amended his complaint to name Schlumberger Technology Corporation  as a co-defendant
  5. The Court ruled: Considering the foregoing, IT IS ORDERED that Plaintiff’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment against ENSCO is GRANTED with respect to the unseaworthiness claim and DENIED with respect to the Jones Act negligence claim along with other rulings.
  6. For more on the Jones Act, Maritime, Seaman, Ensco & Clay case, please follow this link: 14-2508 – November 19, 2015.

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