Jones Act, Seaman & McCrary

Jones Act, Seaman & McCrary: A case in the United States District Court, E.D. Louisiana ruled on a motion to exclude expert testimony.

The Jones Act, Seaman & McCrary case is about a maritime seaman on a vessel in navigable waters that suffered an injury to his right hip etc. and later filed a lawsuit under the Jones Act.

A brief summary of the Jones Act, Seaman & McCrary case includes:

  • Plaintiff contends that he is a Jones Act seaman injured while working on the M/V JENNIFER which was owned and operated by Stone Oil.
  • “McCrary’s injury occurred when he was crossing either up or down two barges by climbing the tires mounted to the side of the barge.”
  • Plaintiff alleges he experienced “serious painful injuries to his right hip and other parts of his body.”
  • The Court ruled: Denied
  • For more on the Jones Act, Seaman & Tug case, please follow this link: Seaman and M/V – February 26, 2016.

CASE WATCH℠ is a compilation of Jones Act cases nationwide.

Case Watch is provided for the seaman and others as a source of information about various situations in which seaman have been injured while performing their jobs aboard a vessel, ship, platform etc.  The seaman have usually sought remedies under the Jones Act.

We hope that it is both helpful and informative.


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