Seaman, Jones Act, Maritime & Ingram Barge

The Seaman, Jones Act, Maritime & Ingram Barge case is about a man (deckhand injured while working on a barge) that filed a lawsuit under the Jones Act.

The case, in the United States District Court, M.D. Tennessee, Nashville Division ruled on the motion for summary judgment.  

A brief summary of the Seaman, Jones Act, Maritime & Ingram Barge case includes:

  • This case involves allegations by Keeney that he suffered a personal injury — specifically a back injury that required surgical intervention — while working as a seaman for IBC. IBC is a Tennessee corporation with a principal place of business in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Keeney is a resident of Alton, Missouri.
  • Keeney was hired by IBC in July 2011 as an “inexperienced deckhand” and was ultimately promoted to “experienced deckhand.” The M/V WILLARD HAMMOND, the boat on which Keeney was employed by IBC as a deckhand in October of 2012, is one of IBC’s harbor tugs that works in the IBC fleet on the Mississippi River near Columbus, Kentucky, building tows of barges for IBC line boats that push barges on the Mississippi River.Keeney was assigned to work his shifts with Josh Putty, another deckhand.
  • Keeney would receive orders from the captain that they had to pull a certain number of barges out of the fleet and build a tow of those barges for a line boat to pick up. Once the captain gave Keeney an order concerning which barge would be pulled from the fleet, Keeney’s responsibility as deckhand was to face up (or connect) the boat to that barge and cut the wires (or cables) loose between the barge and the fleet.
  • Once the barge was then free from the fleet, the boat pushed it into place in the tow being built. The deckhand(s) then connected the wires between the barge and the tow they were building.
  • The Court ruled: Denied
  • For more on the Seaman, Jones Act, Maritime & Ingram Barge case, please follow this link: Seaman and Ingram Barge – April 25, 2016.

CASE WATCH℠ is a compilation of Jones Act cases nationwide.

Case Watch is provided for the seaman and others as a source of information about various situations in which seaman have been injured while performing their jobs aboard a vessel, ship, platform etc.  The seaman have usually sought remedies (unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure) under general maritime law and the Jones Act.

We hope that it is both helpful and informative.

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