Jones Act, Seaman, 7R Holdings & Trotter

The Jones Act, Seaman, 7R Holdings & Trotter case is about an alleged seaman that filed a lawsuit under the Jones Act in the United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit.

A brief summary of the Jones Act, Seaman, 7R Holdings & Trotter case includes:

  1. This case arises from the following facts. Luis A. Rubi (“Rubi”), a U.S. citizen, serves as the Director of 7R Holdings, LLC, a limited liability company with its principal place of business in Puerto Rico. 7R Holdings holds 7R Charters Limited.
  2. 7R Charters owned M/Y Olga, a yacht registered in the British Virgin Islands (“BVI”). Bernard Calot captains M/Y Olga. In a series of conversations over email and the telephone, Captain Calot, while in Puerto Rico, hired Michelle Trotter (“Trotter”), while in Florida, to work as a chef on M/Y Olga.
  3. On December 19, 2012, Trotter boarded M/Y Olga in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (“USVI”).
  4. On December 24, 2012, M/Y Olga traveled to Scrub Island, BVI, and let down its anchor.
  5. Trotter allegedly sustained an injury while descending stairs that connected M/Y Olga to Scrub Island’s dock.
  6. Shortly after the accident, Trotter received treatment for her alleged injuries at a BVI hospital and then flew back to Florida.
  7. Trotter sued Rubi, 7R Holdings, and M/Y Olga (“Appellees”) in the District Court of the Virgin Islands pursuant to the Jones Act and general maritime laws for the personal injury that she claims that she sustained on Scrub Island.
  8. Appellees moved to dismiss Trotter’s complaint for forum non conveniens.
  9. For more on the Jones Act Case – See Jones Act, Seaman, 7R Holdings & Trotter.

CASE WATCH℠ is a compilation of Jones Act cases nationwide.

Case Watch is provided for the seaman and others as a source of information about various situations in which seaman have been injured while performing their jobs aboard a vessel, ship, platform etc.  The seaman have usually sought remedies (unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure) under general maritime law and the Jones Act.

We hope that it is both helpful and informative.

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