Jones Act, Seaman, Entertainment Cruises & Grant

The Jones Act, Seaman, Entertainment Cruises & Grant case is about an alleged seaman that filed a lawsuit under the Jones Act in the United States District Court, District of Columbia.

A brief summary of the Jones Act, Seaman, Entertainment Cruises & Grant case includes:

  1. As the two Amended Complaints (one in No. 17-1159 and one in No. 17-1410) are virtually identical — save for a few exceptions addressed shortly — the Court will principally cite the more recent one, which was filed in No. 17-1159 on August 29, 2017.
  2. The Court presumes the allegations therein true at this stage and sets forth the following facts accordingly. This is no easy task as much of the factual recitation is jumbled, and what actually happened on board the ship is not easily discerned.
  3. Plaintiff, who served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years, was employed as a deckhand on vessels operated by Entertainment Cruises in the District of Columbia’s harbor.
  4. On April 25, 2015, an injury to a member of the dining staff left the boat’s captain “in a bad mood.”
  5. In the casting-off process shortly thereafter, Grant assisted the Captain, who “yanked the gangway . . . [and] began slamming it back and forth in the walkway.”
  6. Another officer was concerned that she had been injured, but Plaintiff informed him that she had “moved [her] hand.”
  7. There was then a second incident when the boat was preparing to dock after the outing, in which the Captain, “upset with the many negative events that day,” attempted to dislodge a stuck rope or line, but ended up “whipp[ing] the line over Ms. Grant[‘s] head” and “smack[ing] [her] on the fore head.”
  8. She “became dazed and began to faint,” but he only smiled.
  9. These incidents caused “severe headaches, ringing in her ears, memory loss, visual disturbances, searing pain in elbow joint, and inability to straighten arm diagnosed as golfer’s elbow.”
  10. This section, known as the Jones Act, grants to “a seaman injured in the course of employment” the right “to bring a civil action at law, with the right of trial by jury, against the employer.”
  11. For more on the Jones Act Case – See Jones Act, Seaman, Entertainment Cruises & Grant

CASE WATCH℠ is a compilation of Jones Act cases nationwide.

Case Watch is provided for the seaman and others as a source of information about various situations in which seaman have been injured while performing their jobs aboard a vessel, ship, platform etc. The seaman have usually sought remedies (unseaworthiness and maintenance and cure) under general maritime law and the Jones Act.

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